Heart Transplant

Organ Transplant

What is Organ Transplant? Organ transplant is a step towards understanding the body literally deconstructing it. While a body might be more than the sum of its parts. However, transplant techniques proved that a single organ could be responsible for dis­ease as a whole. These developments laid the ground­work for the finer probing of Read more about Organ Transplant[…]

biology questions with answer

17 Questions About Biology Which Help You Understand it

1. Are hypotheses always designed to be true assumptions of an actual state of affairs? Hypotheses are not designed to be true for all time. In fashioning a hypothesis, the scientist is aiming for operational truth, a “truth” that works as an explanation of the data but may be replaced as new data are found, Read more about 17 Questions About Biology Which Help You Understand it[…]

scientific method

Scientific Method

Definition of Science Science is an organized system for the systematic study of particular aspects of the natural world. Scope of Science The scope of science is limited to those things that can be apprehended the senses (sight, touch, hearing, etc.). Generally, science stresses an objective approach to the phenomena that are studied. Questions Read more about Scientific Method[…]

Life Cycle of Bacteriophages


History of Bacteria Bacteria are diverse because they have been on the planet for billions of years, giving different species plenty of time to adapt to almost all of earth’s varied environments and opportunities. After the first bacteria appeared about 3.5 bil­lion years ago, bacteria had a monopoly on the planet for the next two Read more about Bacteria[…]

Recombinent DNA Plasmid

Genetic Engineering

Overview I asked the woman at the biotech trade display what the little microwave-size machine did. “It’s a PCR machine,” she said, beginning to demonstrate. She opened a lid to expose a grid of small wells in the heart of the machine. “Put your samples in there, close the lid, punch in the numbers, and Read more about Genetic Engineering[…]



How Biotechnology Came About If you want a quick insight into what modern biotech­nology is all about. Start thinking of yourself as being built and run molecules. It’s thanks to the cooperation of these small chemical units that you and I can blink, breathe, and read. Thanks to molecules, we once grew from microscopic Read more about Biotechnology[…]